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Great Pay, Great Co-Workers, Great Kids!

Working for our company is fun and rewarding. Our teachers are friends who work together to help each other out, plan lessons and fun together, problem solve together, share information with each other to make their teaching experience rewarding, and hang out together in their free time. Our work environment is relaxed and carefree. As the owner I can promise you that I am the kind of boss who works as your equal. I am in the trenches with you every day. I am a sympathetic ear, a helpful guide when wanted, and always willing to hear your thoughts on how to make things better. 

Our company pays higher wages than any other childcare facility because we know how important the job of a teacher is. Our pay starts between $15-$17/hour, going up from there, with raises based on performance. If you have a child who needs preschool, if space allows, your child may attend school at a discounted price. 

Requirements for the job are a city of Boise childcare worker license, which we will pay all fees for you to obtain, CPR/First Aid training, which we can schedule and pay for, and full vaccination from Covid-19. Our vaccination policy is not political, it is simply because you will be working with a vulnerable group of people, and if you were to get sick it affects multiple families ability to work due to lack of childcare.


Our job openings are as follows: IMMEDIATE OPENING!

Nursery Teacher

Currently our nursery consists of five 15-18 month olds. In June these children will graduate to the 2/3s class and our nursery will consist of five 3 month olds. 

This position requires above all else, a love of young babies. You must be kind, patient, and loving. Experience with newborns is important. Our teachers work to get all the babies on a similar schedule of sleeping and eating. The teacher baby ratio is 2:5-6.

If interested in a position, please email your resume and cover letter explaining why you are right for this job to

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311 W. Idaho St.

Boise, ID 83702


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