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$100 Discount for Multiple Children

Classes for Everyone

Our days at Downtown Prep are filled with fun, games, music, art, Spanish, hands on learning, and outdoor exploring. We feel lucky to be located in the heart of the city of trees. 

We believe children learn best through experience. Those experiences may be going to a museum, walking to the Basque block to tour buildings and taste Basque food, having a tour of metro center and then riding a bus around town, cooling off in the fountain on the Grove on a hot day, or visiting the Capitol or the Post Office for a tour. It may consist of having Community Helpers visit the school to tell the children about their jobs, or having the Reptile Zoo come give us a lesson on snakes and alligators. The lessons may be as simple as engineering with marshmallows and toothpicks, or building volcanos with baking soda and vinegar.

Some of our best lessons are taught through service. We focus on taking care of ourselves, our Earth, and others. Your preschooler will learn how, and use all methods of recycling, reducing, and reusing. We have an urban garden that we start from seed in the spring, and harvest in the fall. We have drives for food, coats, and toys, and learn about why we are doing them at the same time. We pick up litter or rake leaves when needed. We talk about oral hygiene, exercise, and healthy diets as a way to keep our own bodies healthy. No matter how we learn, or what we are learning,  it will be fun!

We do not have a kitchen to cook food on site, so all children's lunches should be brought from home. We do have a microwave for heating food. In preschool we have a rotating calendar for children to bring in snack. It works out to each child supplying snack about once a month. The rotating calendar is for morning snack. The school provides the afternoon snack.

Every child will receive a Downtown Prep water bottle labeled with their name. These will be kept at school to eliminate the need for you to remember to bring it back each day. We use all washable plates, bowls, and utensils so there is no need to bring in paper products on your snack day.

What's Included?

Ones and Twos:
  • Wipes

  • Snacks

  • Personal crib and sheets

  • Small size for personal attention

  • Sleep and eating schedule

  • Fully vaccinated, masked staff

  • A directory of CPR/ First Aid certified babysitters

  • Play Based Learning

  • Free field trips and experiences

  • Small class sizes

  • Fully vaccinated staff

  • Individualized learning

  • 1/3rd of the day outdoors

  • A directory of CPR/ First Aid certified babysitters

Ones and Twos

Must be one year old by March 2023

Our baby nursery has been full since we opened and we are changing things as our babies grow. All of our babies have either just turned one or they are on their way to their first birthday.

When we start our new "school year" in the fall, our nursery will become a play filled classroom for 1 1/2- 2 1/2 year olds.

Our littlest students will continue to take multiple naps in their cribs, but they will also have the opportunity to sing and dance to learning songs, practice coloring at tables made just for the littlest student, and play pretend with dramatic play that will frequently change to keep these little ones engaged.

We're sad to see our babies grow, but excited to see how much they can learn!




Currently Full for 2024-25

Twos and Threes Preschool

Must be two by February 2023

Children who are 2 1/2 by our official new school year in August will be in a classroom of children who are all in the same stage of learning.

Our focus in this class is to move from parallel play to cooperative play. Children begin to make true friendships at this age and it is important to learn what being a good friend is. Learning to listen, to share, and to have fun with one another. They will learn important school skills such as following rules to keep themselves and their friends safe, walking in a line, putting their things away, and getting their coats, hats and mittens on by themselves. Throughout this year children will be exposed to numbers and letters, and the fine motor skills needed for gluing, cutting, and holding a pencil.  Service is one of Downtown Prep's philosophies, and we begin working on service projects in the 2/3s class. At this age children will learn more through discussion and stories. They will however draw pictures and make art for the elderly, help sort and package items we are collecting, and other age appropriate things they can do to get involved.

Children work on potty training together. Teachers are trained and prepared for diaper changes, but several potty breaks are taken to work on eliminating diapers.

Each day includes a 2 hour period for stories and nap after lunch. Children may nap on their cot or quietly look at books or color


9am-3pm $1000

8am-6pm $1100

Currently Full

Threes and Fours Preschool

Must be three by May 2023

Children must be FULLY potty trained

Our 3/4s class is the perfect segway from toddlerhood to preschool. In this class children will learn to master many of the skills they will need in order to succeed in Pre-K. They will perfect their pencil grip, scissor hold, and learn how to form letters, write their name, and create craft projects that they make from start to finish. They will work towards mastering letter recognition and sounds, recognizing numbers to 20 and understanding the value each number represents.

Along with academic time, the days will be filled with fun games, songs, dances, lots of art, and trips on the bus to discover what our city has to offer.

Children in this class will no longer nap on cots, but rather have an hour of quiet time after lunch where they may bring a stuffy or pillow from home to relax on while their teacher reads to them.

Children in this class are fully potty trained and will have several reminders to use the bathroom throughout the day. Children will learn proper hygiene in hand washing, blowing their nose, coughing and sneezing in their elbows, and keeping toys and school supplies out of their mouth.

Once they have completed this class they are ready to prepare for Kindergarten!


9am-3pm $950

8am-6pm $1050

Currently Full

Fours and Fives Pre-Kindergarten

Must be four by April 1, 2023

Our Pre-K class is dedicated to having your future Kindergartener more than prepared for the first day of elementary school. Our goal in every one of our classes is to prepare children to enter "big kid school" more prepared than anyone in their class. Not just academically but also socially and emotionally. 

We start from day one in Pre-K with the goal that every child will be reading, using proper upper and lowercase writing, know all of their letter sounds, including short and long vowels and many of the most common blends, counting to 100, and spelling phonetically by the last day of school. 

Our 1:6 teacher child ratio helps us to achieve higher than standard outcomes academically.

Our class focuses on community service, learning that we are part of a much larger community, and that we are able to help those in need no matter how small we are. Our small class sizes help children make close friendships that carry on to Kindergarten. We read thoughtful books and talk about the messages in each one. We practice acceptance, celebrate diversity, and teach kindness and manners in every lesson we teach.

Ours 4s and 5s class utilizes being in the heart of the city. We travel on the bus all around town, walk to Julia Davis, the Library, the Zoo, and the Discovery Center. We visit the Capitol, the main Post Office, and other downtown locations to explore our city.


9am-3pm $950

8am-6pm $1050

1 Spot Available
Cute Baby Boy
Little girl

* We fully understand that there are some children who are very mature and academically ahead for their age, and others who may need to be with younger kids to fit in best.  If your child fits into one of these categories, we ask that you schedule a day for your child to spend a day at our school. Our teachers can often tell after just a short time if your child needs to be in a classroom outside of the age guidelines we have set.

Girls in Painting Class
Children playing at kindergarden

Let's Work Together

If you are in need of excellent childcare but need a break on tuition, we can help each other. If you are available to come in the last hour of operation to clean and sanitize, your child's tuition will be reduced by 15%. You may pass this discount on to anyone of your choosing. If you are available M-F from 5-6 or 6-7, please email us for more information.

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